What other software supports Abobe plugins?

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Re: What other software supports Abobe plugins?

JudyN wrote:

Toermalijn wrote:

However, the questions is, is there a real alternative for the creative suite. I also need indesign and Illustrator. Corel is not a full replacement for that.

Just curous.  Do you think you will need upgrades to InDeisgn or Illustrator?  I have InDesign but for the simple stuff I do I wouldn't need anything more.  I don't use Illustrator.

I have lusted after new things in Photoshop, however.  I love content aware fill, for example.  But I will live with what I have now...  In the near term I will upgrade Lightroom and that reads RAW files so I can even buy new cameras with what I have now.  Until they put Lightroom in the "creative cloud" category!

I have no trust any more.  I was angry enough with the only upgrade from last version lie they told us recently.  There never will be another PS to upgrade to!

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Yes, unfortunately i need both Indesign and Illustrator on a resonably regular bases.

For design and page-layout there is none better. I will upgrade to the cs6 perpetual version and see what happens with the cloud business.

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