The Smallest MFT Body?

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Re: The Smallest MFT Body?

SW Anderson wrote:

I think camera manufacturers are pushing the limits of downsizing now. If they keep on, they'll be making cameras the size of a matchbook — and just about as interesting and fun to use as a matchbook.

Given the history, I wouldn't bet against camera makers being able to deliver surprisingly good IQ from a matchbook-size camera. Maybe they would include some kind of magnifying glass holder, so you could see the controls, if any, and even get some idea of what will be included in the image.

(By way of full disclosure, I recently picked up a Pentax Q at a good price and like it. It's well made, has a sharp, fast prime lens and is fun to use. However, its IQ is compromised a bit by sensor size. For now, anyway, there's no getting around the fact you give up some IQ for carry-ability and diminutive size).

If Olympus designers were to ask me, I would encourage them to keep their cameras about the same size as the E-PL models. They're a very nice size to work with. They're not a burden to carry around.  If designers just absolutely have to go for more and more downsizing,  I would encourage them to do that with one model produced just for the shirt-pocket crowd (most of whom will probably mainly use their smartphone to take photos on the go anyway).

And, if you'll indulge me, I will throw in that if Olympus would be good enough to produce an affordable M43 model with designed-in and built-in EVF, a somewhat taller than E-PLx body wouldn't bother me at all.

The Q is a cool little camera. It's actually a bit smaller than the E-PL5. What if the Q had a FT sensor and mated to MFT lenses? Zero compromise on IQ and still the smallest interchangeable lens camera.

BTW, I would love a matchbox sized camera with DSLR quality images. Use something like Google Glass as a viewfinder and leave nothing but buttons and dials on the camera body itself.

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