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Started May 7, 2013 | Questions thread
williamio Contributing Member • Posts: 517
epson R3000 bulk ink system?

Yahootie wrote:

This EPSON R2880 with "some" extra cartridges or

An EPSON R1800 with bulk feeding system attachment.

Which would be the better deal?

Both are priced around $200.00 the 1800 wanted 600.00 originally now negotiating.

Thanks for any input.

On the second thought, both R2880 and R1800 are outdated. If you can find a good used one, perhaps you can give it for another 2 years before it dies.

Unless this is what you want, you should look into the better one from epson. Epson R3000 is selling like crazy and you should be able to find a used one from ebay too. Besides that, for saving money, you want to install a bulk ink system for R3000. A good setup can be found here on inkrepublic site


or Cone has good refillable carts for R3000. Either one would do good job for you just CIS probably makes more sense than refillable since the entire  CIS' tubes and caarts can be stationed and wont travel around all the time during printing.

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