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Re: Windows 8 shocker

Abrak wrote:

To me the real shocker of Windows 8 is not the UI. It did take me a week to get used to but now I actually like it.

The real shocker is the Windows store which was the idea behind the new interface. There simply isnt a usable app in the whole store. The premium paid apps are made up mostly of junkware - say apps like VLCC player (no relation to VLC player) or Windows media player (no relation to Microsoft).

The free apps simply dont work in many cases and have the absolute minimum functionality. For instance, the 'live tile' might give you an interesting story to look at but when you click on it, it simply takes you to a whole raft of stories rather than the story you are interested in.

The games seem to be the most popular apps but they are generally just phone apps that have been ported to the desktop.

I suspect that Microsoft will have to junk the whole store and start again.

Used with knowledge Win 8 Pro is ultra reliable. I have seldom looked in the MS App Store and have installed many of the same programs I have in my Win 7 Ultimate desktops for photo PP. Should have mentioned, I have the Surface Pro 128 plus keyboard with the Classic Shell installed. Also, I seldom use the touch features only a track ball or the MS Wedge Mouse which is quite nice. I am happy with Win 8.

Have installed on my Surface Pro Adobe PS CS6 with Bridge CS6, LR4, DXO Optics Pro 8, MS Outlook, Helicon Focus/Remote, ControlMyNikon, Reikan FoCal, Topaz and NIK plugins, and Open Office. Still have room for more. While traveling store D800 pictures on external USB 3 1TB HD.

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