Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

Started Apr 10, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Tripod research is always rough

There's no quick solution to your "problem" (budget).  I'd suggest the Kirk Ballheads for a first look.  A good price and performance point if not quite as "elegant" as some of the others.  Not quite as light as some.  They come with a standard release plate that might do just fine on some of the gear you have.

Then consider the Manfrotto 055 series legset.  They may not be quite up to the task if you move past the gear you have but aren't bad.  Then maybe at some point, if you need to, move up to a better set or cf legs.  You might even want to consider the aluminum Manfrotto legs.  I think the limited funds you have might be better spent getting into a good head and release system first.  Your budget probably doesn't support going whole hog for both head and legs.  If you try to equally spend on legs and head, both may fall short.  OTOH, I don't think you'd be happy going to the best legs with a sub-par head /qr system.

Then, fwiw, millions of people never go past the $300-$500 point f even close to that for tripods and are happy.

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