Windows 8 shocker

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Re: one thing that one has to admit

Your mistake is obviously thinking that everybody sees things the same way you see: your mistake is actually greater than MS's mistake.

dmartin92 wrote:

I don't like Windows 8, and I have serious doubts about the strategy that Microsoft used to introduce it to the marketplace. The UI, everything.

Everything, I don't like it.

But one thing that one has to admit, it's not like it's just another version of Windows with a little asterisk next to it in the chart, and a footnote below that reads:

* also runs on tablet devices

It's for tablets, and everybody knows that. That point isn't just a small footnote in some chart.

Now that they've made their point, if they can just step back, maybe they can move forward, not just on desktops, but on tablets too.

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