The Time to Fight Adobe?? Really?

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The Time to Fight Adobe?? Really?

I just looked over the Adobe CC offering (again) and see a lot of good stuff being offered.  I find the Muse software interesting and wish that was offered with CS6 instead of Dreamweaver (for my needs).  With CC I'd get everything anyway-  if I used several Adobe suites (which I do) as fully and extensively as illustrators that I know (which I do not), then I wouldn't hesitate to jump on the CC.

I purchase what I need, and currently CS6 (InDesign, Illustrator, PS, etc.), and CS5.5 (premier, after effects, audition) do what I need with little hiccups.  The subscription fee wouldn't be a good business decision for my needs, however I think it's a darn excellent business decision for Adobe, and if I owned Adobe I would probably engage in the same type of software offering plan...

Teila Day wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

Since the Adobe released the news of their new Cloud scheme, I have read dozens upon dozens of posts from users here, the news threads, and over at several other photography forums.

I have yet to see a SINGLE post supporting Adobe's concept of cloud software.  Not one poster was willing to say, "Yeah, that's a great idea".  A resounding defeat of Adobe's vision if ever there was one.

It is imperative to those who value ownership of their software to fight this concept to the fullest extent possible now before it gains traction.  Rest assured, other software vendors will be watching very closely.

Just say NO! to unending monthly payments to keep your software active!!

Stop Adobe!  Before it is too late.

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There.  I said it.  Again.  I've been saying it.

It might wind up being a bust for Adobe, but I sure as heck think they're on the right path.

rattymouse wrote: Yeah, screwing over your customers, generating enormous hate filled publicity for your company is the right path.  Sure.

TEILA: Adobe screwing over customers is your personal opinion.  People say the same thing about lawyers, but overwhelmingly fair better in criminal court, divorce proceedings, or civil suit, if they have one.  Furthermore, Adobe isn't too worried about what you think... as you're likely considered "small fish", but they can just as quickly reverse course if the CC doesn't work out.  Either way because of their great products, they aren't likely to lose much... but have the chance to gain a lot.

Many power users (who have paid a lot more to Adobe than you) are getting a break with the plan.

Many plug in, etc., have been cloud based for several years now.

rattymouse wrote: Such as?

TEILA:  Such as the many plug-ins for photoshop that you download which check occasionally to see if you are one of their customers who paid for the software and have an account with them.  You don't own the plug-in, you just bought the right to use it whenever you want (basically).  I'll let you research that on your own.  Such is old news for plug-ins, the concept was even kicked around back in the 90's for goodness sakes, even some garment designers hawking patterns, etc., on PS were trying a variant of the "cloud" authentication scheme for users of their plug-in(s). You're late.

No, I do not like having to be connected to the internet at any given time to access a plug-in, etc., but the cloud interface is getting much better... no matter how much I generally don't like it.

No, I will not pay for CC, I'll just stick with CS6 until something more compelling comes down the pipe, however I think it's a grand idea for Adobe, at least I think it's worth them trying something new.

rattymouse wrote: Such a good idea, you will take a pass with it.  Such hypocrisy.

TEILA:  Hypocrisy?  Not sure what definition your using.  I plainly state that I haven't a need for CC, however I think that Adobe is making a great business decision.  There isn't a shred of hypocrisy in that statement of opinion.

Many photographers are delusional- they aren't Adobe's target market in the first place.  Adobe is right on directing their efforts towards their main source of income.

I assume they're doing just that.  I think they've researched it like any person in business would, and know their target demographic that pays them the most money more than most people lurking in the fora.  I'm sure they've done the requisite research.  So what if it isn't a sure bet?  Adobe doesn't owe anyone anything.  They owe it to themselves to reap the profits they think they deserve from their kick butt products and that seems to be exactly what they're attempting to do.

Good for them.  Adobe is a business and they're acting as such.  Folks getting all twisted out of shape (I would guess mostly those who don't rank on Adobe's list of significant income generators) have a choice to put their nose in the air and use Gimp or whatever program floats their boat.

rattymouse wrote: Yep.  I am moving on.  I have spent several thousand dollars on Adobe products over the years and they wont get one more dime from me.

TEILA: While several thousand dollars might seem like a lot to you, it's a grain of sand on a beach.

If Nikon wanted a subscription for what should basically come with the camera, then that's another issue,

rattymouse wrote: I assume you would praise Nikon's rent your camera scheme when it comes around.  Hey, it's good for business right??

TEILA:  I'd be more than happy to rent a camera from Nikon/Canon if it offered something special to me that I couldn't get anywhere else; something that I needed.  ** Otherwise, I'd simply skip Nikon and shoot with what I have or a camera from another corporation.  Too easy.

but Adobe is a 3rd party entity that has nothing to do with your purchases, etc.

If you like Adobe's products then pay for it.  If you don't, then don't pay for it and find something else to use.  It's just that simple.  I think all this boycott-crazy-like-mentality (not pointing a finger at anyone here) is just ridiculous.

rattymouse wrote: You laughablly contradict yourself.  You say dont pay for it if you dont like it and then rip the people who then do so.

TEILA: Did you take the SAT/ACT?  Remember that part about comprehending what you read?

(1) Yes, I say and mean, if you want the fine software that Adobe offers, then pay for it.

(2) If you don't want to pay for it (for whatever personal or business reason) then find another software solution.

(3) I DO think the whole "boycott Adobe" mentality is infantile.

rattymouse wrote: You are nothing but a shill for Adobe's brazen cash grab.

Adobe is a company that is acting like a company looking to expand their profit position. That's not "brazen", that's common business sense and I fully support their actions as a *business* to exercise their right to try new things. Will they lose customers? yes.  Will they gain more paying customers than they lose?  A possibility that's well worth their exploration.

If I was affiliated with Adobe in any way, I'd spend more time impressing upon them to get on the ball with making ePub work more seamless, intuitive, and better in InDesign instead of whining about someone not being able to pay $10 monthly for PS or $50 for the entire gamut of some of the finest software on the planet for the price.

Best in photography to all of you

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