wacky ink level percentages on the epson 7900/9900

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Re: wacky ink level percentages on the epson 7900/9900

boyinthecity wrote:

When do 9900/7900 users change their cartridges?

When they actually run out during a print.

does anyone know how it works?

I think the 1% (and the X) are like the gasoline meter in a car. It hits empty when it is getting close to empty, not when there is no gasoline left.

If you weigh a cartridge that is registering 1%, against a cartridge that is actually empty, you will find that there are quite a few millilitres still left.

To quote the manual:

Before you begin a large print job, you should check your ink levels. If one of your cartridges is low, you can replace it before you start. Or you can wait until your ink is expended, and continue the job without any loss of quality. However, it is best to replace a low ink cartridge before starting a large print job.

"best to replace", is best for Epson, not you. I have never had a problem changing a cartridge mid print.

Brian A

BTW, what did you work out with your end-of-roll canvas? With paper I always remove the last few feet and cut it into sheets.

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