Primes vs Zooms

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vbuhay wrote:

I know this debate has been discussed here many, many times and its still going on. I was thinking about this yesterday while reading some post here and listening to a baseball game at the same time and it dawned on me:

Primes are for homeruns, Zooms are for base hits. Either way , we all need runs. Enough said!


I've never really understood this particular discussion. Focal length isn't that important except when you need consider it because you can't get to the position you want, or because you need some particular perspective.

Now, how one gets to the focal length they've decided upon seems to me the most useless information in photography. It strikes me as the ultimate in gearheadism "new word   " Seriously, why would anyone care how you chose the focal length unless it severely affected the IQ as in a super ratio zoom?

To me, a zoom is nothing but a variable prime lens. When I'm going on location and I know exaclty my focal length needs, I probably will take primes because they are usually smaller and faster. If I think I'll need several focal lengths and am not so sure what they will be, I'll bring one or more zoom lenses. It's a bag full of various focal lengths.

But that's all this means, this difference between zooms and primes. That's it. There's no other reason to be concerned or to try and make it part of photography. It always amazes me when people say things like, "I'm switching to all primes" or all zooms or anything of the sort. My retort would be, "So What" or "why would you do that?" What does that have to do with making an image?

Take it easy.

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Cheers, Craig
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