Primes vs Zooms

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Re: Primes vs Zooms

Primes will generally give the best in image quality however many look at zooms as being better because of the "convenience" in getting the image. I don't consider "convenience" an important factor in the final image. Primes are much less convenient to use since it requires constantly changing lenses for that "right" focal length however I find it gives me the ability to use the larger apertures (f/1.8 & f/1.4) that primes offer that aren't available with zoom lenses (f/2.8 at best). The newest primes are extremely good at their widest apertures & I will use these widest apertures when the need arises. Most primes are better at every aperture when compared to zooms. I pixel peep & print large, so even the smallest improvement that a prime lens gives me over a zoom lens is extremely important. More important than the convenience that a zoom has to offer. At the end of the day it's the sharpest, most detailed image that counts. Longer focal length zoom lenses are great for portrait work since ultimate sharpness is not always desired but the longer focal length allows for nicely modeled (out of focus) backgrounds. My opinion only & no one will change it.

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