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Re: FX for low light


Sounds like you have DX but no FX experience?

I shoot D600.

I shot for years with D300 and D700, both 12mp cameras, similar sensor generations.   Cropping FX to DX on the D700 gives me 5mp.   It's pretty clear I have 'more resolution' shooting birds on the D300 than shooting them on the D700 and cropping.

On the other hand, I have a DX crop on the D800e of about 15-16mp, and a better sensor.   Plus, if I shoot in DX mode, I get up to 6fps, so it's a little more like shooting my D300 with more pixels but a worse viewfinder.    Consequently I don't carry the D300 anymore, nor the D700.

There you go, so you can crop on FX to get the same "sweet spot".

I've shot landscapes and portraits on both DX and FX.   It's quite clear to me that shooting the same subject with the same field of view on FX is giving me a shallower depth of field.

Only because you are using the same F-stop. All FF cameras are capable of having DOf from 30mm to infinity when using UWA lens.

I stop down by approximately the same amount as the crop factor to equalize DOF when going to FX, but thinking in terms of DX apertures I typically use.    This means that when I needed F11 to get the DOF I wanted on the D300, I'm well into diffraction range on the D800e.

And you thought F8 is not in diffraction range for a 16mp aps-c?

You say corner concerns are the same for FX and DX.  I say different.   Probably misphrasing you there, but I certainly have worse corners on FX than DX,

Compare 14-24 corner against 12-24. see which one gives you better corners.

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