3, 5, and 10 stop ND filters for my Canon T3i and Canon 10-22mm lense

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Re: Have you considered the Lee filter system?

baneling wrote:

so Z-pro has no vignetting on APS-C cameras using 10mm focal length?

Even the Cokin P has no vignetting if you only use a single filter and slot, please read my link.


As I said, you have to distinguish between CPL and normal filters. Non-slim B+W CPL does vignette on 10-22, but for a normal 4mm it should be no problem.

As to rectangular ones, and dark filters, first, don't stack them, second many give color shifts due to IR. Lee may be the best.

see also



The circular glass are probably the best, but the B+W ND 110 (if that's what you want) is also not quite color neutral. https://www.schneideroptics.com/pdfs/filters/FilterTransmissionCurves.pdf

Indeed, Hoya doesn't seem to have a 10 stop filter.

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