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I have had Raid 0 (both software and hardware solutions) in my systems for a couple of years. The increased risk is not significant, IMO, since one drive already has a small chance of failure: If one drive has a one millionth chance of failure in a year, two drives in a raid zero array have two millionth chance of failure. So I don't understand why some people want to scare off others from using speedy raid. arrays.

The reason being that the odds aren't one in a million.  Per Google's white page, which examined their experience with a hundred thousand units, the first year odds of failure are 1.7%, and the year probability in year 3 zooms up to 8.6%.  Doubling these odds are considerable increases in risk, not the equivalent to buying two lotto tickets instead of one.

The estimate I mentioned was just an example. Of course, I don't have actual data. Do you have a link to the location to the site where the failure figures have been published and the conditions under which they are calculated? How did you get the three year number out of the first year? Are these calculated for hdd's installed in servers or at home? and other questions. My personal experience doesn't confirm such high failure rate but, I could be wrong since I never bothered to do precise measurement (not having acess to more than a couple of hard drives). Still I think the failure rate can actually be high in the first year and much lower in the subsequent years since the faulty hard drives (most likely having due to a problem in the production line) are more likely to fail in the first year.

I still think the right solution is making regular back-ups not just for a hard drive failure but for any other possible problem of which mostly are software related not hardware. I have seen at least about 100 issues with my own systems and my friends systems throughout a span of 10 years or so. Out of these problems, perhaps only a few were related to a hardware failure that is, they weren't the user's obvious fault (like he didn't spill liquid on the computer and didn't drop his laptop on the ground, etc.) and were not software problem (a program didn't screw the system, a virus or trojan horse didn't corrupt the system, etc.).

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