Thunderbolt Display Poor Quality/Compare with iMac before buying

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Re: Thunderbolt Display Poor Quality/Compare with iMac before buying

Tom_N wrote:

I would have expected the main differences to be as follows:

24-inch iMac - Matte IPS screen; lower resolution than the others.

27-inch iMac (2012) - Glossy IPS screen, reduced reflectivity compared to 2009 - 2011 iMac screens, 27-inch Apple Cinema Display screen, and 27-inch Thunderbolt screen

27-inch Thunderbolt Display - Glossy IPS screen comparable to 2009-2011 27-inch iMac screens.  (I don't recall any "blue tint" complaints about the iMacs, though there were some "yellow tint" ones.)

Note that there is a significant difference in the construction of the 2011 and 2012 iMac screens, so your in-store impressions of the 2012 iMac (esp. re: gloss) may not carry over to the 2011 one.

Thanks Tom for your response. I think that the point I am trying to make is that I use my Macs mostly for Lightroom, mail and web surfing but for my girlfriend to look up from the sofa and say "why is your new screen blue", there has to be a problem believe me. My iMac 24" is the glossy screen, not matte and I know when "white is white". I was shocked to just look on another forum site for someone to comment that the, quote "Apple Thunderbolt Display (ATD) Calibration sucks-it is too blue". I whole heartedly agree-Buyer Beware.

I would not say that the ATD is an iMac without the PC/OS etc.. For readers of this thread just go into a store to see for yourself.

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