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Moto1d wrote:

I just bought the D7100 body which will be my last and only DX camera assuming I sell the D7000 soon.I will give it some time to prove itself   on paper(print tests) before going to a D800.  I was going to getbthe D600 but I just couldnt do it as I dont trust that our local shops have sold the first batches with oil issues, thats the last thing I want to be worried about. Instead I will aim at getting the D800 body if I go FX.

Next question is I want a good wide angle lens for the DX that can potentially go onto the FX when the time comes. My current lenses include (no laughing hey

- Tokina 11-16

-Samyang 14 2.8

-samyang 8mm 3.5 fisheye

- sigma 18-250mm.

-sigma 70-200 dg os hsm

Is it too difficult to find a wide angle that can cover FX and DX ?

Since you already have an 11-16 that will cover you as long as you use DX - and you already have a 14mm lens that will be be much wider on FX than it is on DX - why not the 16-35mm f/4?  That would be 24-50mm equiv when used on DX , a very useful range, and you've already got everything wider than that covered for DX.

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