Aperture 3 question with raw NEF decoding.

Started May 8, 2013 | Questions thread
noirdesir Forum Pro • Posts: 13,407
Re: Aperture 3 question with raw NEF decoding.

John M Roberts wrote:

What is the advantage of Aperture 3 not show applying the decoding adjustments upon import to the  thumbnails? Before with Aperture 2 I could see the enhancements applied one by one on import. Now with Aper 3 they all look flat until I click on one.

The previous two posters misunderstood your question. You seem to have a refresh issue, ie, Aperture doesn't refresh the view automatically when doing its raw conversion. I had serious refresh issues with Aperture 3.0, so maybe that is a feature of the Aperture 3 branch.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any specific advice apart from the usual trouble-shooting steps. Something simple to try out is to create a new Aperture library and import a few images into it.

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