Stupid Mac is locking raw files!

Started May 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Stupid Mac is locking raw files!

Indydi wrote:

I will try not to make this a rant about how much I hate this computer, but let me just mention how much I miss that old cheap Gateway desktop, and how much faster my Nexus 10 is on the internet using the same network...

My Macbook Pro, a.k.a., The Heap, is locking all my raw files.  I know it's the computer, because I have two cameras from two different manufacturers, and all raws are locked from both.

When I go into the info, the "Locked" box is NOT checked, so I don't know how to unlock them! It's so nice that The Heap decided to protect my raws from me.

Can anyone suggest a solution, thereby preventing me from throwing this piece of trash off a bridge?

If you leave out the rant which doesn't help one bit in explaining anything about what you see or how you got there.

Explain in easy steps what you do. Don't leave out any details.

Describe the error in detail.

What software are you using? Version of OSX? Screenshots?

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