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Re: MacBook Pro?

Elbert Zip Johnson wrote:

Can i use 2 of the same (canon shelby 800) printers on my mac book pro lap top?

I want to have images print to each printer as needed.

Can some one walk me through the set up?

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One more question. Are you using Photoshop or some software to edit and then print?

I know Photoshop and Photoshop Elements you do a print preview to set the page up and choose what printer you want to use. I have a 4x6 printer and a 13x19 Epson printer. You just select which one you want to use.

When you hit print, you should also adjust the print settings to the type of paper your using.  If your using the printer for just printing a document and have the settings for a photo the printer will spray too much ink saturating the page.

If you use Matte ink jet paper don't select the Glossy setting as that will also use more Ink when you do not need to do that. You'll have to replace ink more often costing you more money.

Just remember their is more to just selecting the printer, the options to tell what paper is being used to control the ink flow is important more so.  Of course use specific ink jet paper.

For me I like the Epson Photo printers for my needs. I've used Epson photo printers for at least 10+ years.

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