52mm UV screw in filter in 300mm f/2.8?

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Re: 52mm UV screw in filter in 300mm f/2.8?

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I apologize if the following has been asked before.

I have just bought a used Canon 300mm f/2.8 IS and the lens came with a drop-in (screw in type) filter holder with a 52mm UV Hoya attached.

I was tempted to remove the filter, but I then read somewhere that drop-in holders for screw in filters often comes with a filter, and that this filter should not be removed (unless another filter is in use) as it was part of the optics. I found that strange to say the least.  UV filters are hardly necessary on digital cameras and I cannot see how a filter like this should improve IQ in any way. As it is a drop-in filter it can hardly be for protection. Can anyone please explain the purpose of this 52mm screw-in filter? Is it really needed? All that is written on the filter is "Hoya 52mm UV Phillipines".  It is probably not a high quality filter.

The lens works fine and takes great pictures so I will just leave it in there and be happy unless someone tells me it is better to remove it or replace it, but I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what purpose it serves.

TIA, Finn

It doesn't have to be a UV type filter at all - but a filter of some type should be there as that flat piece of glass is actually included as part of the optical design.  Without it you may find the performance is slightly reduced.  And since it being in place is important, it also makes sense to use the highest quality 52mm filter you can.  As presumably you are shooting digital and if you want to replace it then I'd suggest you replace it with a high quality 52mm clear 'protection' filter.

I haven't seen anything saying it's optically required, only that it is integral to keeping dust from getting inside the lens. I took this to mean, that the filter drawer was actually inserted. I keep the UV (Hoya also... Canons original choice?) inserted anyway and the lens is still painfully sharp.  BTW - Mine is an IS-1 and I bought the IS-2 Canon polarizer for it and it fits and works fine.

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