Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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This reads like the "let's kick Joachim thread..."

Joachim Gerstl wrote:



Seems like people here and on the NEX forum have short memories...

Despite the fact I've just bought a new D800E myself, in honesty I'm not sure I agree with everything you wrote.

I've used tele lenses on m43s and had decent results for sports and wildlife. Yes, AF on most of the Fuji X cameras and NEX is sub optimal, however the M43s cameras have single shot autofocus faster than most DSLRs. Most can't do continuous AF or tracking well but the GH3 isn't too shabby at all. I wouldn't use it for birds in flight but for wildlife of the four legged variety or sports it is fine.

I love lens choice but in honesty I could be happy most of the time with a UWA, WA, and normal primes. Each day I leave the house with a bag containing my X100S, X-Pro1, 14mm and 35mm. It is telling to me that I don't really covet any more lenses for my D800E after my first splurge. I like some lenses for F mount (21mm CZ, 35mm Sigma, Nikkor 70-300) but I've been less impressed with others. The Fuji 35mm is much better than the Nikon 50mm F1.4 by way of example. I prefer the M43s 12-35mm to my Tamron 24-70mm. Manual focus on the D800E might have much better tactile feel (e.g. it isn't fly by wire) but I have to guess when I have something in focus or rely upon the slightly rubbish live view implementation common to DSLRs.

The oft quoted line that you would need lenses the size of a tank to get shallow DOF on mirrorless isn't really true either. I think a fast APS-C lens (like the 35mm) is much more useable than some of the ultra fast lenses for Leica. I generally like my subjects ears in focus . I have a 17.5 Nokton for M43s and I can tell you now it isn't a small lens, but it isn't gigantic either. The E-M5 with it mounted takes up less space than my D800E body...

What do I really like about DSLRs? I think some of the examples you picked were questionable but undoubtedly you are right to highlight the autofocus and the large optical viewfinder. Someone who claims that these things aren't better on a DSLR is smoking something good.

Do I want more megapixels and greater dynamic range? Yes I do. Do I want a large body and heavy lenses? No I don't. So what's my DSLR for? Really I think it's an admission to myself that my purchase of a M9 early in 2012 was a mistake. Lovely camera, capable of great images, but not very practical for macro or tele work. I hesitate to say it but not very practical for street work either in this day and age. I will be selling it shortly.

Are mirrorless cameras perfect? No, of course not. Neither are DSLRs. However, I agree with you that DSLRs are here to stay, at least in the medium term but I still expect that in time, APS-C DSLRs will fade away or become practically indistinguishable from mirrorless. That seems to have started already.

In any event, none of this is a reason for people to be frankly rude in response to your original post. You are entitled to your views but some of the posts here are way over the top.

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