What other software supports Abobe plugins?

Started May 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Forewarned is forearmed.

I am looking for alternatives right now, and will start learning to use such alternative(s).

I will not procrastinate on this.  That's another way to fall into the Adobe Trap--procrastinate, and you'll wake up one day seeing no other viable alternatives (because you do not know how to use alternative software) and being forced to pay the monthly tax.

Adobe had revealed what it thought of its customers--as dumb cows to be milked in perpetuity.

I'm glad most Photoshop users saw through this ruse, and called Adobe out on it.

(Except for the Adobe trolls seeded throughout the Internet singing praises for this asinine idea.

1.  I know a lot of people who lost their jobs in the past few years.  If they were on CC subscription, they will not be able to do odd jobs every now and then.  A couple I know were able to do some freelance jobs because they did not have to pay rent to use Photoshop.

2.  These Adobe trolls were either promised free (or significantly discounted monthly fees) access to the CC.  Nobody in their right mind would want to pay a monthly fee, in perpetuity if you want to use your tool, and have nothing to show for it at the end.  People brought up the start ups--less cost to build a business.  But project this 5 to 10 years into the future, and it just does not make any sense.)

Adobe had run out of ideas.  I haven't had problems with camera shake in 10 years.

Claiming monthly fees will make Adobe more productive, and update rollouts easier, is stupid.  DxO and Fotofusion had been productive, and had been rolling out periodic updates, without monthly fees.

The "cloud" word is a ruse.  It's an option, you use it, or not.  Same as Dropbox, same as Skydrive.  I don't use them, and I will not use the Adobe cloud drive.

It's mainly to get their monthly tax on Adobe Photoshop users.  The introductory pricing is only to lure you in.  Read the fine print, it doubles after a year, with no guarantees or limits after that.

Steve Bingham wrote:

In time? I wonder. As my PS CS6 works very well for me, I will be waiting for the dust to clear. I am sure some serious competitor will take on Adobe - and the PS CS6 32 bit plug-ins - and all the wonderful stuff PS CS6 does.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. PS CS6 wasn't broken and produced huge profit for Adobe - and made Thomas Knoll an extremely wealthy man. PS CS6 is my last version - and I have had EVERY version since PS 1.

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