6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

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Y Hafting
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Re: 6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

Nerv0usT1ck wrote:

works well as a picture viewer but the app needs work on the phones in order to use on a regular basis to take shots. the dslr controller app for android is more user friendly in this respect, even though it requires a cord you have to search the internet for. One other aspect I need to figure out, is why it won't trigger an off camera strobe. im guessing this is something in the settings?

Wireless networks typically work with frames around 1ms. Sometimes you miss one frame or perhaps 10 or 100~which is bad when the length of the strobe is about 1 ms as well.

In future, you could make strobes that are network compatible by using synchronized clocks and telling which timeframe is to be used, however syncronizing will have to be done with a flash or by wire, so normally you can use the flash for triggering just as well.

One option is to connect it to the camera to synchronize first, then you could use wireless signal to trigger in a certain timeframe. It would be good enough for many hobbyists, but i doubt the proffesional crowd would embrace such a solution, because of the delays induced by the network.


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