Advice needed: What would you do?

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Re: Advice needed: What would you do?

cdubman wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking to boost performance on my photo workstation that I built a couple years ago.

What's the best bang for my buck?

  • New video card (2GB+)
  • More RAM
  • SSD drive for Operating system and use as a scratch/working drive for post-processing
  • New CPU
  • Moving images/cache/previews to different locations
  • etc

The main guts of my current system are:

I really appreciate any ideas!

Thanks in advance

  • You already have far more graphics power than will be used by photography applications.
  • You already have more RAM than will be used by photography applications, unless you are stitching extremely large panoramas.
  • You already have more CPU power than will be used by phography applications, unless you regularly process hundreds of images simultaneously.
  • Moving images to different locations will have no effect.
  • An SSD would boost general performance of the system, and boot-up of applications.

So I recommend the SSD.

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