6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

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Y Hafting
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Re: 6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

tommy leong wrote:

Jostian wrote:

I use the WiFi pretty often mainly to go through photos on the camera using my phone, I find it quite convenient to scroll through all photos on the camera and save any I want to the phone from the camera so they can be shared, emailed etc. Useful to quickly show people what photos one has taken, easier doing it on phone.


What is the speed of saving a small size photo for Facebook sharing to your phone?
Just give an average speed

I cant provide you any measurment, but small jpegs are not a problem transferring wirelessly. When you transfer images to a cellphone, you will by default get a small version, so this goes quick.

If i remember correctly you get something in the ballpark of 24MBit/s or 3MByte/ sec. For Raw files being around 30MB, this translates to 10s, for a small jpeg  or  at around 1MByte (1920x1280 =S2 or 768*512 =S3) , you will probably get 1-10 images per second, which should be more than enough.


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