Sigma front/back focus issues (and compatibility in general)?

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Re: Sigma front/back focus issues (and compatibility in general)?

Escape wrote:

The way I see it, even if you do get a Canon lens for your Canon body, there is no guarantee that there won't be any front/back focus issues due to manufacturing tolerances, both of your body as well as of your lens.  If the two don't "mate" well, and if you can't return it, then what are you going to do?

At least with this new Sigma you'll have the tool to fix the problem yourself (if you buy the USB dock).

So, if you like the lens otherwise, I wouldn't let a potential front/back focusing issue stop me from buying it.

I'm actually considering getting the new Sigma 17-70 myself... just waiting for the price to drop a little.

I agree with Escape. Great article. I too was going to refer the OP to this link.

fwiw... My "trend" is to expect that with every new lens purchase, it will most likely not be completely ready for serious photo shoots until the lens has had its' first visit to the service facility for... AF calibration, firmware updates and any other adjustments (zoom tightened, etc.). Also, it's important to ensure that the camera body remains "AF-calibrated" - at least to a degree that it would only require a maximum of 50% of its' usable AF micro adjustment / AF Fine Tune (Nikon) range. Why 50%? So that you have some "AF Fine Tune breathing room" in case any of the lenses (or the body) require more AF Fine Tune during your primary shooting season.

Good luck with your lens investment.


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