3, 5, and 10 stop ND filters for my Canon T3i and Canon 10-22mm lense

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Re: 3, 5, and 10 stop ND filters for my Canon T3i and Canon 10-22mm lense

I was told by someone from B+W that they will cause vignetting.  but I know others say its fine and other say its not.  so I don't know.  right now i'm looking into the square filter that require filter holder and adapter ring I think.  but I will check out your link.  thanks

does Hoya make 10 stop ND filters?  I checked their site and I don't think they have any.

photonius wrote:

baneling wrote:

which ones exactly?  cause they have different models with different ring thicknesses.  and are you using the Canon 10-22mm with them?

Up to 5mm should be no problem on the Canon 10-22, see my tests.

http://photonius.wikispaces.com/Vignetting  (you can also read more in the filter section)

Only polarizers are thicker.  Anyway, a B+W F-Pro filter should only be 4mm thick,

unless it's a variable one, which is made from two crossing polarizers, those are quite thick.

Hoya HD are also fine, they are only 3mm thick, and their CPL is 5mm.

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