Is 30mm Sigma redundant if buying Sony 35/1.8?

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Re: Is 30mm Sigma redundant if buying Sony 35/1.8?

Larry251 wrote:

baltimorecaesar wrote:

The Sigma 30mm has been my go-to lens on my NEX-7 since last July, and I love it.  That being said, having recently got my hands on the Sony 35mm f/1.8, I can't see when I will ever shoot with the Sigma again.  IMO, at f/2.8 both lenses are equally sharp in real-world shooting, and their other optical characteristics are similarly comparable.

Redundant owning both lenses?  Yes.

Worth getting the Sigma if you already own the Sony? No.

Worth upgrading from the Sigma to the Sony?  That is a personal opinion, and depends if 1-1/3rd stop and OSS is worth $250-300 to you.

Thanks for your input.  The price difference is actually more like $350 ($450 vs. $100).  I can keep both Sigmas and still be ahead $250, which is a strong argument in favor of working with the Sigmas for a while and seeing how frequently I run up against an issue that the Sony would solve.

Although I know that OSS doesn't make a difference in terms of subject movement, how much of an advantage is it in real work shooting of something, e.g., like a night landscape scene or in a museum.  For those who own or have owned both the Sony and the Sigma, under what shooting circumstances do you find the greatest benefits of having the faster lens and OSS?

IMO, there is a little more value in 35/1.8 than OSS. In fact, my choice for 35/1.8 is from A-mount since the lens is shared with my SLT, hence no OSS. However, on APS-C, I find this (and 50mm) an excellent focal length to compose subjects that aren't always in the center of the frame, and almost always to create "separation" with shallower DOF. This is an additional value to me than 1+ stop advantage. And the SEL35 being pretty good on the edges even wide open helps towards this.

Ultimately though, you could keep both, but chances are, you may end up using only one.

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