External Battery Packs

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Re: External Battery Packs

The original Quantum Battery is OK because it does allow you to replace the battery. Every other Quantum battery is waaaay overpriced. I wasn't going to send my SC back to be repacked so I took it apart myself to discover 8 AA batteries in a $450 battery pack. In any event, for another battery choice, I would suggest looking at the Godox. You can find them on eBay, but you want the more expensive 4500mAh version:


I have been using one for about 6-weeks now and it's been great. It is a tad smaller than the original Turbo and a tad larger than the SC. As far as it being a lithium battery, I will take my chances. For starters: my laptop, iPhone and iPad all use lithium batteries. Knock on wood, I haven't had any issues, nor do I see news reports on CNN about how unreliable lithium is. Next, most of the battery packs I have ever used don't seem to last more than a couple of years anyway. The AA battery packs seem to quit working (loose connection I imagine); my SC lasted 3-years (and the $450 pack is now a paperweight); etc. May as well enjoy the power of lithium with a user replaceable battery with more power than a Turbo and new!

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