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Re: Questions about the D800

jimbrobb wrote:

3) The 70-200 f2.8 vr 2 is bad for focus breathing, so I would consider the vr 1 version or the new f4 version. I'd pretty much always be using f4 but I'd like to know if the focus breathing is better on the new f4 lens.

I'm sure the VR-II is a splendid lens, and sharper in most cases than the VR-I.

However, after I got my VR-I re-adjusted by Nikon for a decentering and subsequently applied a proper amount of AF fine-tuning with my D800, I decided not to upgrade it to the VR-II and instead buy the 14-24mm, even if I had planned to upgrade it initially.

The reason being that 1) it delivers plenty sharp images in the conditions I most often shoot, where 2) focus breathing would be somewhat of a concern (I do a lot of stage/concert photo and my "style" includes going really close on details/expressions). As I tend to "need" f/2.8 in some cases, the f/4 is not the best option although I believe that is also a wonderful lens.

So... it is a difficult choice. If focus breathing is not a concern for you, get the VR-II. But if it is, the VR-I can deliver very good results still. It appears the VR-I retains a relatively high value on the used market, which would indicate others than me also value it.

Having said this: Obviously we all strive for maximum detail and clarity... but who would have thought 20 years ago that you could do hand-held 200mm shots @ f/2.8 6400 ISO down to 1/30th on a dark scene and still get acceptable sharpness to print? And when considering that you may shoot at these less than optimal conditions (as I do), the difference between VR-I and VR-II is no longer the limiting factor.

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