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I believe that the recall was June 2012. It is reasonable that a BB store didn't pull the recalled units and sold one a couple of months later and that a lawsuit was filed just recently. I read a review where someone said that a vendor sent them a recalled unit in February, so Canon issuing the recall doesn't mean that all vendors or big box stores actually sent them back. I think that the BB story is reasonable.

Also, are you sure that the T4i is discontinued? The T3i is still being sold at many places, like Amazon, Sam's Club, Walmart. These are new cameras, not used. Amazon also raised the price of the T3i, 60D and 7D a couple of days ago, so I don't think that the T4i price increase has anything to do with the T4i being discontinued.

They probably increased the price of the T4i because no one in their right mind would have chosen the more expensive T5i over it since it adds nothing other than the number 5 instead of a 4. By increasing the price of the T4i, Canon now has some hope to sell some T5i cameras.

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