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needmoretoys wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

A law suit?  I'm not sure I would trust a BB employee with information such as that.

Looks like the T4i is back to its manufacture's suggested selling price.

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Didn't Canon recall the early T4i cameras because of the rubber grip turning white? The story was that a BB store sold someone one of the recalled cameras after the recall and the user had an allergic reaction and sued BB over it. All of a sudden last week BB stopped selling them on the web site and the one that the BB store had in stock was returned to the warehouse. BB recalled all T4i, not just the serial numbers that were part of the Canon recall.

I just did a search and found this:

The recall was a year ago.  Newer cameras were not affected.  Canon had provided Serial Numbers of the affected cameras.  I bought a T4i around Christmas which was not affected.

The T4i is being discontinued.  Every vendor handles discontinued cameras differently. You will also find that when a camera is discontinued, any available units for sale are priced higher, sometimes higher than their list price when first introduced.

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