Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

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Re: Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

bm bradley wrote:

I generally shoot with as much ambient as possible so this works for me... the OP shooting at F22, this will not work at all AND the axis of the camera lens is not set in stone.

Well, when you specify an angle to 3 digits of accuracy...

But I'm not sure what you mean by won't work at all?

I just guessed on the degrees because I shoot by 'feel' and put the light where I need them to work... I've been setting lights since 1983 so I might go about lighting a bit differently and less 'scientifically' than many shooters here.

Then it sounds like you're very much more experienced than I am, so I bow to your authority in the matter. I suspect people talk much more "scientifically" than they practice because it gives a much more concrete way to discuss what they're trying to do. I was watching an online seminar by Keviin Kubota the some time ago (Oh, and I hate to namedrop, but how else to convey the information?), and he made a great point about the technical aspect. If you see the light looks good, who cares what the lighting ratio is? And yes, it probably will be in the 3:1 ballpark, but don't sweat getting the lighting ratio right. Put the effort into making the image look right. Being a little off one way or the other is probably going to look better than nailing the ratio. Well, words to that effect - it was some time ago, but the point he made stuck with me.

OTOH, "applied science" is what made men like the Wright Brothers stand out from other pioneer aviators, and more to the point, I credit "applied science" to Ansel Adam's success, as there were more than a few photographers before him that were famous for photographing Yosemite. It's his scientific approach that let him stand out from those who came before him, producing superior results.

But I digress.

feel free to try this lighting setup, customizing as needed to work with your 'eye'

I shall! I'm very fascinated with the idea you gave here that grapes don't reflect light the same way other surfaces do (like the Color Checker Passport), so of course I'm going to have to investigate. And I hope I make some mistakes, too, because without mistakes, there can be no learning.

Warmest regards,

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