Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

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Re: Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

The f22 at ISO 200 works fine if you got the flash power to back it up. I was using f22 to give me the depth of field I needed from a Nikon 105mm D.  I totally agree with the rest of your posting though. When it comes to flare from hard light's aimed back at the camera I have velcro on the flash heads and carry 10x8 inch pieces of black card also with velcro on them to act as barn doors esque. Lol, If I put one card on either side of the flash, it looks like a Tie fighter out of Star Wars

That's funny! (The Star Wars part.) But you know, I like the idea of having a flag like that creating an ersatz strip light. Boy, does that give me some ideas (and a reason to buy more speedlights!

You'd mentioned using f/22 to kill ambient light and a distracting background. It also makes sense that you'd need the DOF. Being that close, you probably don't need all that much power from your speedlights. After all, look at the tiny lights in Nikon's R1C1!

When speaking of a flag, I was thinking more along the lines of Neil van Niekerk's "Black Foamie Thing," a small sheet of black craft foam held onto the flash with a simple hair band, but there are many, many ways to get this done, up to and including compendium lens hood.

After all this talk, I'm hoping you will share the fruits of your labor (no pun intended). I'm really interested in seeing what works out for you.

All the best!

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