Does this type of editing/style have a name to it?

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Re: Does this type of editing/style have a name to it?

neoro_blitz wrote:

Have a look at the link below,

Of late, I have noticed a more and more pictures edited to this style, it looks interesting and reminds me of how the "tilt shift" effect was used.

Any idea what this style / look is called?

I think he perhaps calls it "Photo Impressionism":

See also here:

Says in his introductory words that most of his images are digitally manipulated.

I think he is using selective blur effects and recolorisation, combined with compositing. I am not aware of any real particular name for this style as such - other than under the general "fine art composite" or "photomontage" type namings.
There is a certain tilt-shift characteristic to the image you have linked, but that is just the style he has created with (I deduce) the selective foreground digital blurring and background digital blurring whilst leaving the (probably composited) subject sharp. That creates the appareance of very narrow depth-of-field which is the signature optical characteristic of a tilt-shift lens.

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