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Re: External Battery Packs

The cord which goes from the pack to the flash I believe is a special one (expensive one) made by Quantum.  I no longer use Canon Speedlites so I sold my cords at $30 per cord on Ebay.  New they go for more.

If you get any pack which uses AAs, then it will be a slower recycling time of 1.5 seconds.  If you get any closed NIMH battery pack, like the Bolt or the Turbo 2x2 or the Turbo 3 pack, you will find it very hard to replace the cells inside once its worn out.  To achieve the 1 second recycle time, the pack manufacturers use either 4/5 Sub-Cs or the Lead Gel Cell.  The Bolt pack probably uses the 4/5 sub-cs I am guessing.

Since you are in the UK, photo gear like a battery pack would be very expensive and very difficult go get re-celled.

I actually have 8 Quantum Turbo Batteries.  Some are over 10 years old and still going strong.  I did replace the lead cells in them.

One more note...if you replace a lead gel cell never mix the polarity.  I did that once and the pack was toast.  Otherwise its easy to change.

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