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You will want the ORIGINAL Quantum Turbo Battery.  These can be found reconditioned on Quantum's website or on Ebay.  I would only get the latest Turbos they produced which are the ones with 4 green circles on the top (the earlier ones had 3 greens and a red).  I would also only get ones where the writing/logos on the front can be clearly seen.  Here is a good example:


Actually, the above pack is perfect and at a great price.

The reason why you want to get the Original battery is because its powered by a lead gel cell which is easily replaced with a screwdriver in 5-10 minutes.  The gel cell costs $20 on Amazon...a Powersonic PS-832.  This gel cell has the same power as 10 AA batteries.

Why get the turbo and not Canons power pack with 8 AA batteries?  The Turbo will recycle that speedlight in 1 second whereas the AAs will do it in 1.5 seconds from a full power blast.  The Turbo itself is very durable and able to keep up with the active photographer.  You can drop it from 3-5 feet and it will still be good.

Why not get the other Quantum packs?  They are simply not as easy to service like the original turbo.  In photography, equipment usually goes out at the wrong time.  If your Turbo SC or 2x2 goes out then its going to take days to weeks to get it re-celled.  The original battery is a lead gel cell which can be found in certain stores around here or you can have it overnighted to you.  Then you slip in the cell yourself....all for about $20+shipping.

Absolutely do not get a lithium battery pack.  You cant take it on an airplane and if that pack gets stuffed away in some heat like a lot of photo gear tends to do it might explode.  Lithium is very volatile and there are news stories of lithium packs exploding or catching fire.  Quantum publicly states they will not use lithium because its too volatile and not safe for photographers.  Would you want to risk putting something which is potentially explosive by your gear?   I would not get the Bolt pack for this reason.  Also the Bolt pack cant be serviced as easily as the original Quantum turbo.  Remember, your battery pack usually goes out right before the wedding...

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