Sony a77 noisy skin tones at low ISO ?

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Re: Sony a77 noisy skin tones at low ISO ?

I have both Sony A77 and Sony a57 and use Capture One 7. Sony A57 is better at iso 6400 and just slightly at 3200 (almost can´t notice if it wasn´t for more color noise in sony a77). at iso 1600 I prefer Sony 77 because it gives you more detail with outstanding IQ in color, and tonal rage. I use it untill iso 3200 and it´s good. At iso 6400 its more for black and white, or color if you resize and nail the exposure, and iso 12800 is just for black and white and most of the times is unusable because of low dynamic range and low frequency noise, since the midtones and highlights are quite usable at this setting!).

Try capture one, and see that till 1600 its better than lightroom 4 with Sony a77 at 3200 and up lightroom takes the lead because it handles better shadow areas (but midtones have less grain in CO7), but I still use CO7 because it has better white balance and color reproduction.. at low isos I don´t see grain... specially at iso 100.

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