D800 V OMD philosophy follow up.

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D800 V OMD philosophy follow up.


I didn't realise my post in the d800 v OMD thread would cause such a ruckus.

I wrote a long reply but I got an error message saying the limit was reached and lost all that I wrote.

So a nutshell of what I was going to say.

Despite many years of study, I was never really a philosopher.  Philosophy used to be the search or the defence of truth when I was given a research grant for 5 years , 30  years ago. I studied philosophy not because I was a believer of the system of knowledge we had but because I think the one we were promoting "the have's and have nots" of knowledge wasn't too good for my interests.  It might be a good system of developing agreement and certifying knowledge and certifying people.

I was interested in promoting learning, decision-making and living a good life in a world where we have no one truth that we agree on.  Where learning from and living in diversity provided broad horizons for life.

For a limited set of ideas and for a limited set of people, we can agree on truth.  Christians believe in Christ but they disagree on the details.  Newton has some great laws of physics that makes sense for a lot of the things we do.  Finding things to agree on is a sensible thing to do if you want to live with other people. Look at things differently with a new purpose or with new evidence and there is a different set of truths - our friend Einstein showed us this.  Good too because new ideas and opportunities grow.

Is it the idea or the physical world that makes our knowledge true? Heisenberg showed that theories and observations are very difficult to separate.  Enough to make 'truth' a difficult one for all of us to agree.  Nuclear physics and Eastern Philosophy give us a world where ideas and the physical blur together in theories and observations of energy and chi.

Those who  have studied French theories of language and psychoanalysis know that many believe we are forced to look for a truth to guide our lives and dominate our relations with other people and the world.  I don't think we do.

We live in a world not of our making.  We live with people whose thinking and actions are not of our making.

Some people solve this by trying to take up the one truth from their parents, their religion or even just themselves.  With this one truth, they can deal with anything.  You're one of us. You're not.

I try to solve it by respecting the world and people around me and make the best decisions to live with them by being open to their value and their differences.

Strategic Planning has a similar philosophy as a technique to overcome the many differences in people and the reality where no one set of ideas works well in this diversity.

For cameras and photography, my view is to learn from as many people as possible by not dogmatically sticking to a few 'truths' that make my comfort zone for photography.

Loosen up and learn.  Tighten up my thinking to do a particular job for a particular purpose and need.



Nikon D800
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