Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

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Re: Questions about Light Meter and correct exposure during shoot.

drh681 wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Thanks for the info..
"Quantum photography" :-o
I should have mentioned Im shooting at 1/250th F22 to kill all ambient and lighting with a single softbox approximately 45 degree's camera right, adjusting to control fall off and loose the subject into the shadows..

Ah, I see...

f 22; that may be your problem unless the light is right on the subject.

But if you are using the meter properly, with the dome and pointing at the light, that is the reading you should use because the meter acts as its own "gray point"

It sounds as if you are working for a "low key image" this will entail a certain darkness to the image.

If you want more detail to the grapes, then you will need to have a more evenly lit subject.

the quality of light will make a huge difference.

A strip light will give you that detail you want and let you control the fall of to the background

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Hey, the Quality of the light from the double diffused 24" softbox was perfect. On screen they looked all moody and detailed with skin and stem texture. But knowing that it would be too dark for print, I wasn't sure whether to stick to the light meter or punch an extra strop in Lightroom. Im questioning the quantity of the light rather than the quality of the light.

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