Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

Greynerd wrote:

You say this but with other makes of cameras I just do not get the issues I had with my NX100 and NX15. When I was using NX I had to start thinking about cards and bought a Samsung card to try and avoid the constant lock ups with the NX15. The NX100 was more tolerant of cards but needed a lot of menu resets.

Now I have an Olympus Pen and a Sony A37 I have been able to use the rag back of branded cards I have, a lot of them class 4 with no problem at all, though speed will vary. The NX20 sounds like there has not been a lot of improvement. If you have to start worrying about what cards you use there is a problem and it probably is not the cards.

First, we're talking about the NX20 here, not old discontinued models from Samsung and Sony just to sling mud.  Your statement "the nx20 sounds like" isn't very certain at all... "sounds like" according to who?  You who doesn't own one?  Do you feel that it is right, that you comment on a current model, based on an experience you had that goes back years ago?  I have an NX20 and have never had a single issue.  Then again, I don't put junk cards into my cameras as you've just admitted doing.

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