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oklaphotog wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

...that Sigma's working on releasing a 135 / 1.8 OS and a 24 / 1.4, both "art" lenses, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  Like I said, just a rumor, but if I were Sigma, that's what I'd do.

That leaves 50mm open for Canon.  I'd be pleased to see a 50 / 2 IS ala the 35 / 2 IS and/or a 50 / 1.2L II.

But what we're missing is a fast 17mm prime.  I think that's gotta come from Sigma, since Canon has the 14 / 2.8L II and 17 TSE.  Then again, maybe Sigma might think to redo their 20 / 1.8, although that's a bit too close to 24mm, I would think.

Let's not forget zooms, though.  I think the 24-200mm range is pretty well covered at the moment.  So, I'm wondering if someone isn't working on a killer UWA zoom.

How say you all?

20mm is a fair bit wider than 24mm. I'd love to have a good modern 20/2.8 prime, although I'd be ok with a 17mm as well. All of the old 20mm primes look great on film but are a bit lacking in the corners on FF DSLR. I'd rather have one that was 2.8 and fairly sharp across the frame rather than one that is made to be uber fast at the expense of the edges.

just out of curiosity some of the current lenses corner crops on FF (I've tested as well the 14-24 on D800E vs my TS-E 17 on 5D II and found the hyped zoom to be rather mediocre in the corners - if not to say rather bad)

TS-E 17 f/4.0 at f/8.0 in the corners

Zeiss Distagon 21 f/2.8 at f/8.0 in the corners

Sigma 20 f/1.8 at f/8.0 in the corners

Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 at 16 mm f/8.0 in the corners

My observation with the currently (probably) best ever made wide angle zoom (14-24) on the currently (probably) best FF sensor in the market (=D800E) is that it is not on the same optical level in the corners as the TS-E 17 - let alone the huge distortion of the image with roughly 4% vs almost nothing on the TS-E 17

Even fully shifted the TS-E 17 is still on a similar level as the 14-24 at 14 mm in the corners (at f/8.0)

The only application where the Nikon zoom wins is of course photojournalism where you need a zoom and you want to shoot wide open for whatsoever reason. But all other sujets are better with the TS-E 17 - it is even better then the Distagon 21 and that saiys a lot.

For me Canon did what I always wanted - a wide angle shift lens with the possibility to get shallow DOF by tilting the lens.

I photograph maybe 90 % of the time at f/8.0 because I want things to be sharp on a UWA and I do stitching to get to virtual FOV of a shorter lens (down to 11 mm is possible with a virtual sensor size of 36x56 mm)

A larger aperture is sometimes surely nice for a shorter exposure time. With the given high ISO performance of the 1Dx or 6D (on the cheap side) it is not any more a huge problem to go up to ISO 6400 if you need it. (I do that really seldom on my 5D II - here ISO 3200 is more or less for me the limit)

Thus I'd say that on Canon we already have the best possible optical solution.

If you're interested I am happy to send you some sample files from 14-24 vs TS-E 17 - send me a PM

P.S. A really good fast UWA from Canon would cost not much less then the TS-E 17 - a really good fast UWA zoom with no compromises in the corners is IMHO not doable - the Nikon 114-24 is a good example for that - it was praised on the D700 and fails miserably on the D800E in the corners - if you can live with that it is still the best PJ UWA zoom ever built - but it does not fulfill the needs of architecture photographers

just my 2CT

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