Need help transferring files to new iMac

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Re: Need help transferring files to new iMac

jov95 wrote:

Hello all. I recently bought a new iMac and need some help transferring my itunes library and my iPhoto library. My older iMac is an early 2006 model with snow leopard and doesn't have the Migration Assistant program like the new OS. What steps do i need to take in order to transfer these two libraries over? Thanks in advance.


You would run the Migration Assistant on the new Mac. Always on the Machine where you want the files migrated TO.

Just connect the two macs with a regular network cable. I wrote about it on my blog, see below

Once connected you don't need Migration Assistant if the two iTunes Libraries is all you want to copy. Just copy them via the Finder on the new Mac. You should see the other Mac in the Finders sidebar.

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