High contrast scenes with the DPxM

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Re: why ETTR?

dmaclau wrote:

In my experience there are some common practices used by photographers that need to be re considered by each photographer.  One is that RAW is always the way to shoot but as that's relatively harmless it doesn't really matter.  ETTR is quite another matter though.  I don't buy the premise and instead expose for a given situation.  If you are experiencing blown highlights (as I do with my original DP1) then ETTR is adding fuel to the fire.

There are probably many many science minded people who could explain at some length why ETTR works, and just as many who could prove that it does not.  Decide from your images what looks best on the print or on the screen and you will have all the answer you need.

Expose for the scene.  If the DR is beyond he capabilities of the sensor then bracket your shots and/or compromise.

RAW would be essential for ETTR.

The premise of ETTR is very valid because the difference in noise level is quite apparent, especially in the shadows. The key benefit is the synthesize a lower sensitivity level. So, if you shoot ISO 100, exposing 1 EV to the right will give you an artificial ISO 50 level. Here, ETTR makes sense only when you are already at the lowest ISO setting. Some people also practice ETTR at higher ISO with certain cameras. I think it will depend on the noise characteristics of the sensor.

I will only use ISO 100 with the DP2M.

BTW, you can utilize the entire available DR only if you expose to the right. Of course, it is like playing chicken with the highlights.

Low contrast scenes are easy. Sometimes you can get away with +2 EV and the image will look incredibly clean.

I agree that bracketing may be the sensible solution to capturing high contrast scenes. I am not that great a photographer. Still experimenting.

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