Recommendations for Photo trip to Tasmania, Australia

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Re: Recommendations for Photo trip to Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is much less developed and a bit wider than the rest of Australia.  You will be going down there in the early winter.  It's southern latitude and location on the Southern Ocean will make most of your weather there cold and wet this time of year.  Be prepared for that.  You will have reduced visibility in many outdoor locations as well.  If your interest is Tasmanian wildlife, you will have a limited number of opportunities to get good shoots.  If you are more into the the local culture and human subjects, you will have better luck.  Indoor shoots, especially with available light or a small flash require a different type f shooting than outdoors.  Use a 35mm equivalent lens for group shots and a short telephoto of 85mm or so for intimated portraits.

If you shoot out in the weather, make sure your gear is protected and that you dry it out in the evening before you go to bed.  Get some travel books on Tasmania and surrounding areas. There is much to see, but  the weather will limit you in a number of ways.  Make sure the check the voltage and the charging plugs required for Australia.  If you rent a car an plan to drive, getting used to turns when driving on the left side of the road can be very dangerous until you do it for a few weeks.  In an emergency, your reactions tend to be wrong.


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