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Re: Great lies are often surrounded by mythical subjects

lock wrote:

The 17-55 is a faster lens that equals a 25.5-82.5 range

no it is not. DX F2.8 = FX F4.2

which you will hardly be able to distinguish from the 24-85 in every day use.

exactly, so why pay 3 times the price?

But you will notice the much higher AF speed,

slightly better maybe, much higher no.

much better built quality

that much is true, but who bangs their lens?

and better colors of the 17-55

I have not seen any evidence for this. I have canon 17-55 which is a better lens than nikon 17-55 and apart from CA and distortion, it does not beat the 24-85 ion D600.

The 24-85 is an overpriced Nikon lens with good center sharpness.

Which lens did you compare it to to conclude that it is overpriced? At 500 as kit. it certainly is better value for money than 24-120 F4 and possibly 24-70. the older 24-85 was cheaper but did not have VR, the 24-85 before it had a rather terrible F2.8 at 24mm so end result is very mediocre.

The only weakness this 24-85 has is corner softness, but even then corner resolution is still higher than 17-55 on aps-c.

I have certainly taken some very acceptable images with it.

That's all. Nevertheless, considering the current price, the 17-55 is over the top as well.

The 17-55 is way overpriced. Optically it is not outstanding and all its competitors have OS/IS for abotu 2/3 to 1/2 the price.

The counterpart of the D600 and 24-85 is not the d7100 with a 17-55. It is the D7100 with the Sigma 17-70 OS C.

that lens is effectively F4.2-F6 on FF. a much slower lens. it should be compared to 24-120 F3.5-F5.6.

There are two tables presented to you showing many choises of equal focal length in Dx and Fx. Clamchowder spelled it out for you.

You should read more on what he said about FX vs DX.

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