Charge multiple A99 battery at once?

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Re: Here is how the Sony charger works. You can put 2

Steve Cohan wrote:

batteries on the charger at the same time. However, the charger has only one charging circuit and charges one battery, then another sequentially. But it charges each battery in 2 hours, versus the 4 hours that the standard charger takes. The connector to the camera has nothing to do with charging. It is power for the camera. If you used a camera in a fixed location, you could use the power cable from the charger as a camera power source and never need to charge the batteries. From prior experience, I would never use an inexpensive charger to charge an expensive battery. If you spend a little more to purchase a Sony travel charger, you could go back to Sony for any damage sustained to a battery in charging. In the past, I have lost expensive batteries to inexpensive chargers. No more.

So if I don't plan to use the camera at a fixed location, I should just get the other model?

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