Dumping the Nex7

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Re: Dumping the Nex7

gskolenda wrote:

Well , I like this camera, but, The lens availability for the E-mount is pathetic, So disappointed.

Sony has never ever acknowledged the Overheating issue, and I have tried many different things , and still no fix. It's a shame because it really takes great video. I don't think that the Nex7n will be any different either, Don't care about touch screen, or Wifi. The E-mount needs Real GLASS!!! To he__ with adapters and old lens's. The MFT mount has outstanding lens's with many choices, fast primes, weather resistant, Light weight, fair priced, and Canon and Nikon Matching quality!

Not sure, but I think i'm going to get a Panasonic GH3, Video is just as important to me as Stills.

Not sure If I'm going to sell my Nex7, till after I get and evaluate the GH3.

Hope you reading this Sony!

Oh yeah, no troll crap either, just venting.

There is NO perfect camera out there. There isn't SUCH thing.

Didn't you take a look at the E-mount lens lineup BEFORE you purchased the NEX-7?

By the way, Panasonic may have more lens available, but you DO know that the image quality in stills will not be the same as the NEX-7 right?

You are now downgrading to a M43 sensor, which are smaller than APS-C. You are also downgrading the EVF....having used the NEX-7, you will immediately notice the difference in going from a 2.3 million dot EVF to 1.6. It will not be as clear/sharp and contrasty.

Either way, no matter how you twist it around..... the larger the sensor, the greater the image quality...PERIOD.

The GH3 might be the best camera for video on the market, but if you care about photo image quality....it will not be as good as the NEX system cameras, ESPECIALLY in high ISO's.

You can read the review of the GH3 here in DPreview...you will see they weren't exactly raving about the GH3's image quality and high ISO capabilities.

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