Aperture 3 question with raw NEF decoding.

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Re: Aperture 3 question with raw NEF decoding.

John M Roberts wrote:

What is the advantage of Aperture 3 not show applying the decoding adjustments upon import to the  thumbnails? Before with Aperture 2 I could see the enhancements applied one by one on import. Now with Aper 3 they all look flat until I click on one. I called apple support and the tech could not tell me what the point was and that I send in my concerns to their feedback.

So it seems if I want to see this applied to all my project images immediately after import I need to take an extra step and select all the images to then see the Apple's decoding applied. You would think there would be an option box to check to have this applied.

Any answers out there? What am I missing with this difference between the previous and current Aperture and why would they choose to do it this way? I could see working from the flat image and add my own enhancements but one isn't allow to do so at this stage because once you click on that image, they apply full decoding.


What you see is the embedded (in the NEF) jpeg created by your Camera so that you can see anything on it's lcd. Aperture will generate it's own preview but can't interpret any camera settings to do so. Only Nikons own software like the free ViewNX 2 can do that.

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