What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: I am the host of the Bokeh challenge!

Now I see. Agree that this is a proble,... Just got a quite comprehensive list mailed by OldArrow, which I will add cheaters to that I have also discovered. I believe the those of us who are hosts should have more effective tools to ban cheaters, not having to spend far too much time checking every entrance in detail. It should be possible to have a normal job, children and a social life and be a host at the same time.

However I agree that a host must monitor his challenge closely and secure a fair competition.

I have just been taken by surprise by the escalating cheating. Before it could be a few now and then, and in my last challenge 20%!!!!! My view is that DPreview, not we, should take care of the discovered cheaters and maintain statistics, banning lists etc. suddenly hosting is not about passion for photography anymore, but being a non paid worker keeping DPreviews site clean from cheaters. Sure the work is voluntary, but give us the tools then to be able to perform our job effectively.

In my view OldArrows cheaters list is a good step on the way, but is this not DPreviews job.

However this has been an eye opener, and I will much closer monitor my challenges from now on. As I said I was overwhelmed about the sheer amount of cheating going on...

asad wrote:

MrScorpio wrote:

Totally 21 pictures were disqualified from my challenge. That is 19.75%, or 1 of 5 submissions. Still there are a few pictures which might be cheaters but cannot be proved due to lack of EXIF data, so hopefully these competitors are correct in their submissions.

And DPreview is still silent and does nothing? At least they could comment on a thread like this!

Is there any simple database or at least an excel sheet where we could list the cheaters so we can disqualify them on our own behalf  should they try to enter any challenge again?

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In your challenge "Contrasts " :


still you have enties of the cheater ZIOALDOITALY/ Ioredana  :



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