6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

Started May 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Adam Regular Member • Posts: 137
Yes, a lot!

I am surprised so many people are saying no... The Wifi has been invaluable to me. Maybe because I am taking photos for people, and can show them and / or email them copies right away, or when I am taking product or real estate photos and can review them on a bigger screen than the back of the camera...

A few tips that may help... The Wifi function is available from the quick menu, so it is just a few clicks from there to turn it on and off (once its set up), so it's not a big deal. Also, if you use a laptop with the camera, you have found that you have to set up a connection for each local network (maybe there is a direct way like with a phone, but I haven't found it yet), but I discovered today that if I set up a network connection with the wifi hotspot function of my phone, I can just use this everywhere, and not need to select or create different connections depending on where I am... Very cool.

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